Thursday, November 13, 2008


At this point, you are probably thinking I’m going to talk about the proposed bail-out of the Big Three U.S. automakers. But I’ll leave that to the experts and analysts in that industry.***
In 1994, General Motors bought control of the patent rights for the batteries needed for the Honda Electric Vehicle. GM tried to suppress these batteries, claiming that they could not use them in their EV1. In 1996, the GM EV1 was released with defective Delco batteries, GM apparently expected the whole thing to die out. The lease was an astronomical $599/month.In 1997, Honda overturned this false vision by releasing the Honda EV for only $499 per month.More important, the Honda EV had no battery troubles, and went twice as far, 125 miles, as GM’s EV1 could go on the puny Delco batteries.
Now GM announces the VOLT just as they are dying.But it will not be released until 2010, andIt goes 50 miles before needing gas.
GM should become extinct like the dinosaur,

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