Tuesday, November 11, 2008

With Obama In Office, Smoking Will Become Cool Again

Barack Obama, the new Joe Camel?
I bet they have a not smoking sign on the front of the Whitehouse. What is he going to do with that? I doubt that the maids and butlers of the Whitehouse want to clean up after a smoker. It does make for brown walls, bad oders and a mess on those beautiful carpets...
I had a chewing tobacco and snuff habit that began at the tender age of 11. Also enjoyed cigs for a couple years on two separate occasions. Let me tell ya- getting your nicotine "mainline" through the cheek-and-gum route is one powerful addiction to break. But I did it. Cold turkey. I think Obama is a weak man for not being able to quit. And I think he is more interested in acting 'cool' than being healthy... and it will INDEED set anti-smoking efforts back as the 'yoots' emulate his filthy habit...
I am not a Nicotine Nazi. I say let the KOOK smoke till he's blue in the face

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