Friday, November 21, 2008

Don't give up on George Bush

Don't give up on George, he didn't give up on us.
Lets remember the days when Bush defied the U.N. Security Council, and created a multi-national coalition to eliminate Saddam Hussein, conservatives split, some cheering the action, some joining the Democrats at home and socialists abroad who condemned the action.

But it seems that now we have forgetten those days, consequently, many, many Republicans have thrown up their hands and have decided to either join some doomed third-party movement or simply stay home. And what was the result of that?
Barack Obama the ultea Lib is going to take over the White House on January 20th. He's going to sit in the same chair that George Bush did when Bush told the democtatic congress where to stick it.
Rather than give up and stay at home, a better strategy may have been for conservatives to realize that the election depended on a lot more than electing John Mccain , Conservatives should realize that it takes 60 senators to prevail over the Democrats' filibuster. And we came damn close to that.
Rather than throw in the towel, conservatives might throw their effort into the campaigns of conservative candidates for the House and Senate and for the State legislatures,and county commissions.
But the conservatives did give up, and they did throw in the towel and they failed to show up for the November battle, the Democrats won by default. Republicans and Conservatives who truly believed that freedom is better than socialism, those who want freedom for their children rather than a world socialist government, will never, never, never, never give up. They showed on November 4th .

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