Friday, November 21, 2008

As President Bush Gets Ready To Leave Office, History I Think That Will Say That We Underestimated Him

As he leaves the White House at the end of his second term, the President has a poll rating of only 23 per cent, and is widely disliked and even despised
President Bush is a God fearing man full of integrity and pride. He has put America in a position to win a tough battle that will make us safe again and show other countries that they cannot come in here and mess with the US, if so there will be consequences. Well done President Bush, well done.
Democrats voted nearly unanimously for the war and then promptly said it can't be won so we have to leave in defeat. They said there is no military solution so we have to leave in defeat. When there was a military solution they said there's no political solution so we have to leave in defeat. When there's a political solution on the horizon they say we have to leave in defeat because it cost too much to win. In other words, screw our nation's honor, screw the troops and their families sacrifices, and most of all screw the Iraqi people, the United States has to lose this war no matter what... after all the Democrats have an election to win.
I for one am proud and thankful we have had President Bush on our side.Although I don't agree with some things Pres. Bush has/has not done( no protection from the illegal immigration invasion, for example), Pres. Bush got very little credit for his efforts against the terrorists. There's so many of our fellow Americans(mainly Democrats) with their heads in the sand pretending we're not in a war. They truly are fools, shown by people who have no logical arguments, only saying Pres. Bush is a liar.


Anonymous said...

I won't argue with you on this one. I agree with you on it all.

Rightwingsnarkle said...

So, when do you plan to learn English?

Anonymous said...

I am in aggrement with you on this one!
But the MSM will never let up

Clay Bowler said...

History will definitely prove W. was right. Terrorism can only be defeated by going after what makes terrorism work. We will fall victime to the same failed policies that took place during the Clinton adminstration once Bush is gone-basically wait to be attacked.

ZmudasExpress said...

Thanks Clay, I'm with you there

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Zmuda - thanks for 'following.' I hope you enjoy. I'll be checking up on your blog too.

Remember how ridiculed Bush Sr. was while he was in office? (This is after his 90% approval went down the tubes) He didn't gloat, much less comment on the Berlin Wall falling, that was one of the big ones. But the other night, I saw a documentary on him that completely vindicated him in almost all of his decisions as president. He was the right man at the right time because he did what was right. George W will be remembered the same way. Have you noticed how a couple of stories have already trickled out after the election about how W is 'gracious' etc.? The media has known for years that Bush is a good guy, but it can only be acknowledged after the fact. After he is destroyed, blamed for 'lying' to the world with an axe to grind, and a U.S. Constitution to 'destroy.'

Well, you got me started, and now I gotta stop.

Jason E. Johnson said...

The press reviled John Adams when he was president. He may not have been the best president but he always did what he thought was the best for the country. I think the same can be said for W.

Lincoln was also vilified by many and had a very low approval. History has since vindicated his actions.

I am not saying that President Bush is Lincoln or Adams. I am saying that I hope history will see clearly the reasoning behind his actions and judge him based on that fact. Even Nixon is viewed better in death than he was when he first resigned.

Frasypoo said...

My thought exactly.He is tough on the terrorists and wont put up with bs and thats why people hate him.Not to mention him being a Christian